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HHC Drug Test: Will HHC Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Drug testing is standard in many workplaces, especially those involving hazardous materials or heavy machinery. One question is whether HHC (hydroxyhomochlorcyclizine), a medication used for respiratory conditions, can cause a person to fail a drug test. In this article, we will explore the regulations surrounding drug testing, examine the relationship between HHC and drug tests, and provide tips on how to pass a drug test when using HHC.

Understanding Drug Testing Regulations

The drug testing process in the United States is regulated by the FDA, which has established strict guidelines for employers. These guidelines include using FDA-approved drug tests, providing written notice to employees about the drug testing policy, and ensuring confidential and respectful testing procedures. Additionally, employers must adhere to state and local laws regarding drug testing. For instance, in New York City, employers must give employees at least 30 days' notice before implementing a drug testing policy.

Can You Fail a Drug Test for HHC?

Although HHC is not a controlled substance, it can still be detected on a drug test. However, most drug tests are designed to identify specific controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, and opioids. If you are using HHC as prescribed by your doctor, you should not fail a drug test. It is essential to communicate any concerns about drug testing to your doctor or employer to understand better the regulations that apply to your situation.

HHC And Drug Tests: How To Pass Your Drug Test

Information regarding HHC and drug testing is primarily derived from animal studies and anecdotal reports on platforms like Reddit. Some individuals claim that HHC does not appear on drug tests, while others have tested positive for THC due to HHC consumption in vapes or gummies.

To ensure a passing result on standard drug tests, it is advisable to abstain from HHC and other THC analogs for at least three weeks before the expected test. If you have been consuming substantial amounts of this cannabinoid, providing more time is recommended, as cannabinoids can accumulate in body fat.

Rumors and Reality: Does HHC Show Up On A Drug Test?

Contrary to rumors, no concrete evidence suggests that drug tests won't detect HHC use. Anecdotal reports claiming HHC's undetectability lack objective verification. Thus, it is crucial to understand whether HHC shows up on a drug test.

Key Takeaways

  1. HHC is likely to cause you to fail a drug test.

  2. Anecdotal reports suggesting HHC's undetectability lack scientific evidence.

  3. The surefire way to avoid a positive drug test is to refrain from using cannabinoids, including HHC.

Understanding HHC and Drug Tests

If you work in the public service industry, are a competitive athlete, or your employer conducts regular drug tests, you must know how HHC can affect your test results. Typically, these tests do not specifically look for recent HHC use but rather evidence of THC use. Unfortunately, many tests cannot differentiate between THC and other similar cannabinoids.

Does HHC Show Up On A Drug Test?

The straightforward answer is yes; HHC can cause you to fail a drug test. While drug tests are not designed to detect HHC, they primarily aim to identify THC. However, false positive results can occur due to the structural and metabolic similarities between HHC and THC. Both compounds produce similar metabolites during the breakdown, leading to a substantial likelihood of triggering a positive test. Hair samples may also yield positive results, although these tests could be more reliable.


In conclusion, if you are using HHC and are concerned about failing a drug test, it is crucial to understand the regulations surrounding drug testing and communicate with your doctor or employer. While HHC is not a controlled substance, it can still be detected on a drug test due to its similarities with THC. To ensure a passing result, it is advisable to abstain from HHC and other cannabinoids for a sufficient amount of time before the test. Open communication and awareness of the testing process are vital to navigating drug tests when using HHC.

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