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Does CBG Give You Energy?

Understanding CBG and Energy

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. While scientific studies have yet to fully explore the potential of CBG in boosting energy, anecdotal evidence indicates some intriguing possibilities. Certain users of CBG report feeling a surge of energy and heightened mental clarity, effects often linked to enhanced energy levels. This anecdotal feedback has spurred interest and raised questions about the potential role CBG might play in regulating energy levels.

At the heart of understanding the potential energy-boosting properties of CBG is understanding the mechanics of energy in the body. The body may have abundant energy reserves that it's unable to use due to various factors like medical conditions, diet, exercise habits, or body fluctuations. Some people who have used CBG suggest it may help tap into these bottled-up energy resources, converting them into active energy.

Individual responses to CBG may vary. For some, the experience might equate to a caffeine-like rush, while for others, the increase in energy and focus may be more subtle. These individuals often describe feelings of improved mental clarity and direction.

CBG and Its Potential Stimulating Properties

CBG has unique properties among cannabinoids. Its primary appeal to many users is its purported anti-inflammatory effects, primarily attributed to its affinity for CB2 receptors in the immune system. As more individuals experiment with CBG, more anecdotal reports suggest it may help boost daytime energy levels.

Regrettably, CBG data is relatively scarce compared to more extensively researched cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Therefore, there have yet to be any specific studies on the relationship between CBG and the body's energy supply. From a molecular perspective, CBG does not appear to have inherent stimulating properties. The only cannabinoid known to have specific stimulating effects, based on research, is THC.

So why do some people report feeling invigorated after consuming CBG? The answer may lie in CBG's interaction with anandamides, a topic that has been studied previously. Research indicates that administering cannabinoids before exercise can enhance performance by improving motivation, concentration, and physical energy levels. This improvement stems from certain cannabinoids' ability to stimulate anandamide production. Anandamides, fatty acid neurotransmitters, may encourage the nervous system to enable the body to engage in more mental and physical activity.

This isn't the same as being a stimulant, but it does suggest that CBG might support natural energy homeostasis throughout the day. Cannabinoids consumed during the daytime might naturally encourage the body to increase its energy and focus levels during hours when humans are biologically programmed to be most active.

However, it is essential to note that no specific studies have investigated the relationship between CBG and energy levels. Based on the anecdotal evidence from daily users, using CBG for energy could be an avenue worth exploring. Still, additional research is necessary to fully understand and confirm these potential benefits.


Although primarily based on anecdotal evidence, the fascinating correlation between CBG and increased energy levels presents a compelling case for further scientific investigation. The potential of CBG to enhance mental clarity and foster an overall feeling of invigoration warrants a closer look. As our understanding of CBG's properties and effects continues to expand, the hope is that rigorous scientific studies will reveal more about this intriguing cannabinoid and its potential to boost energy levels.

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