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Is HHC Stronger Than THC-O?

HHC creates effects lasting up to 12 hours, while THC’s effects only last a few hours. This makes HHC a better choice for those who want long-lasting relief from their symptoms.

The ongoing debate concerning the relative potencies of Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (HHC) and Tetrahydrocannabinol Oxide (THC-O) calls for a detailed exploration of these two compounds. This article aims to compare and contrast these substances, primarily focusing on their differences, respective therapeutic benefits, and safety considerations.

Comparing the Therapeutic Benefits of HHC and THC-O

The comparison between the therapeutic benefits of HHC and THC-O hinges significantly on the individual’s specific circumstances, including their unique physiological makeup and the condition being treated. There is no definitive answer, as the efficacy of these compounds varies from person to person. Personal needs and preferences are pivotal in determining the most beneficial compound.

The Rising Popularity of THC-O

Contrary to popular belief, THC-O holds the upper hand regarding psychoactive potency. The primary reason behind its growing popularity lies in its potent effects, which reportedly induce psychedelia and euphoria without the couchlock feeling often associated with similar substances. The best way to fully experience THC-O acetate’s potency is through oral consumption, leading to more profound effects than inhalation or vaping. However, it is essential to note that oral consumption of THC-O requires a longer onset time due to the body’s metabolic process.

Safety Considerations for THC-O

When orally consuming THC-O, the necessary precautions must be taken into account. The body needs ample time to metabolize THC-O acetate, necessitating a waiting period of a couple of hours before considering an additional dose. If one opts for a vape or tank, a few puffs should suffice, followed by a 30-minute wait to evaluate the effects. No matter the consumption mode, starting with low doses and progressively increasing, depending on the body’s response, is always advisable.

Understanding THC-O’s Nature and Potency

Unlike HHC and delta-8, THC-O is semi-synthetic and does not naturally occur in cannabis, qualifying it as a strictly man-made cannabinoid. It holds a notable potency, being five times more potent than delta-8, three times stronger than THC, and supposedly four times more potent than HHC. THC-O effects resemble THC, with the addition of psychedelic and hallucinogenic sensations such as visual distortions, heightened emotions, and auditory hallucinations.

THC-O’s formation involves the isomerization of natural THC using chemicals such as sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride, lending THC-O its increased potency. Comparatively, the onset of effects for HHC and delta-8 occurs much quicker (within 30 minutes for tinctures). In contrast, THC-O requires more time due to its status as a THC prodrug, necessitating deacetylation through the liver before entering the bloodstream.

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