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Do you know what CBDV Isolate Powder is? It is gotten from pure Cannabidivarin (CBDV) which was extracted from the hemp plant without adding other cannabinoids or compounds. The CBDV isolate that is this powdered crystalline is unobtrusive and represents cannabis only by the cannabinoid CBDV and is free of any other cannabinoids or compounds. However One of its effective functions is that it is good for people who would like to consume CBDV while excluding the presence of THC and other cannabinoids in the supplement. One of those CBDV uses it to be processed into various products in a long-lasting way. Among the products, people will be able to enjoy oils, edibles, and topicals. As an ultra-potent and condensed version, the product is ideally suited to those who'd like to personalize their CBD usage. To take the roadless traveled, a lab-tested CBDV Isolate that is checked for purity and that has no any sort of additives or contaminants will be the best buy.

More about CBDv Isolate Powder:

Appearance: Amber-white crystalline powder

Odor: No significant odor

Flavor: Natural terpene flavor

Consistency: Fine-coarse powdered crystal

Solubility: Soluble with oils

Composition: 100% hemp extract by weight

Plant Parts Used in Oil: Whole plant

(flowers, leaves, stems, stalks, seeds)

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CBDV Isolate Powder

PriceFrom $20.00
1 Gram
  • What is CBDV Isolate?

    CBDV is very similar to CBD, as it is only a slight molecular change to its structure. The cannabinoid is derived from hemp and has similar properties to CBD. In a 2019 study conducted by Translational Psychiatry, they used a double-blind test wanted to compare how CBD and CBDV affected the brain and how it impacts individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

    CBD studies found, according to this study, that the effects of CBD on brain excitatory (E) glutamate and inhibitory (I) γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) – given that E-I abnormalities may be one of the key mechanisms underpinning ASD3. We found that CBD modulated glutamate-GABA systems in both ASD and neurotypicals, but that prefrontal GABA systems responded differently in ASD. Specifically, CBD decreased prefrontal GABA levels in ASD but not in controls. These findings contributed to increasing evidence that an important effect of therapeutic compounds derived from Cannabis sativa may be the ‘shifting’ of brain E-I systems.

    This does not mean that it directly cures or treats ASD, but has shown some promise that they want to continue to study. They noted in their conclusion that “CBDV can ‘shift’ subcortical levels of the brain’s primary excitatory metabolite glutamate (measured as Glx) both in the neurotypical and autistic brain; but that there may be significant response variability in ASD. These findings add to our understanding of the effects of CBDV in the adult human brain. Nonetheless, future studies will need to explore (i) the mechanisms of action of CBDV.” 

    Why is this significant?

    Well, it shows that this cannabinoid does have measurable impacts on the brain that can be used. In a sense it reduces stimulation, in our opinion, so that the user can focus and think more clearly. This has not been proven, but shows signs of the capabilities. 

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